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Our Quantum Frequency Medicine Bio-feedback systems scan you for over 12,000 health variables — in minutes. HEAL YOUR LIFE  starting with a scan today.


Why DO WE SAY “We Heal Life”?

Because HEALTH equals LIFE, and LIFE equals your family, relationships, work, finances, and so on. Now more than ever, that has become clear. The best way to really fix our health challenges is to work together to build a new and better healthcare system. Bioresonance biofeedback is a great place to start.

How Our Relationships Affect Us

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How Our Relationships Affect Us

 I think most people are aware that bad relationships – simply put – can make you feel bad, and good relationships can make you feel good.  And science has shown that when you feel bad, your body’s physiological functions are negatively affected.  Over time, this stress can take its toll – leading to, or exacerbating, any number of chronic diseases.  The same can happen with past emotional traumas, too — even those which may have occurred in childhood.

 While Biofeedback can’t fix a marriage or relationship, it can help reduce the stress — and in some cases, find new solutions.  Biofeedback can also help you clear past traumas, and enable you to more successfully “go with the flow of life.”

How Our Environment Affects Us

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How Our Environment Affects Us

For some reason, most healthcare professionals still do not generally ask about your environmental exposures… exposures which have conclusively been shown to put strains on your immune system and in some cases, to outright poison you.  (Check out my YouTube series ‘Surrounded by Toxins’ to learn more.)

What kind of environmental exposure am I referring to?  In short, and the videos go into great detail, I’m referring to toxic food additives, food pesticide residues, plastics, heavy metals, formaldehyde, chemical fire retardants, and industrial chemicals, chemicals in perfumes, cosmetics, and personal care products, EMFs from home and office electrical wiring, and the ubiquitous wireless radiation we are all now bathed in from our cellphones and WIFI.

The good news is that the Eductor and Quest9 devices are programmed to identify these (See ‘Homotoxicology’ in the Quantum Clarity report), to help determine which of them may be affecting your health.  “Great,” you say, “but is there anything I can really do about it other than to go live in a cave?”  Yes, there are absolutely measures you can take.  We humans are very resilient.  Still, if you do not know what is affecting — you will be unable to take any corrective measures.

How Germs Affect Us

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How Germs Affect Us

There were two schools of thought at the time Pasteur developed “Germ theory” – which basically states that it is specific pathogens in the world around us, like viruses and bacteria, that make us sick.  Kill them, and dis-ease goes away.

 The other theory, “Terrain theory,” said that these germs are inside of us all the time, and we need them (even “bad” ones) in order to live.  Because killing them could also hurt us, Terrain theory suggested that the best approach was to support the terrain, or the whole body.  Keep the body healthy through diet, moderation, etc., and the immune system will naturally keep these germ populations in check.

Today we know that bacteria, viruses, and other microbes outnumber our human cells by at least 3-to-1.  So… we’re kind of mostly made of them.  Our biofeedback devices confirm this, too, showing that thousands of disease-causing-and-body-repairing-microbes are inside of us 24/7.  And we’re happy to show you, too.

 This being the case, the best way to optimal health is to support the body… the terrain… and let the body do the work it is supposed to – to keep these microbial populations in check.

 As it turns out, just before Pasteur died, he recanted his famous germ theory and said the Terrain theory was in fact, correct.  You probably didn’t hear about that, though.  Because unfortunately, big medicine – which is driven by big pharma with its lucrative “one-drug-for-one-germ” approach – isn’t going to share that, or change their business model.  It’s too profitable.  So, while Terrain theory indeed looks to be the best approach to our health, until there are some big changes, expect to see big medicine continuing to push back against vitamins, nutritional supplements, and the many natural foods and products that support our terrains.


      Biofeedback is a mind-body therapy for improving   

      physical and mental health.


WE Treat the person, not the disease

Everyone is unique and the one-size-fits-all approach is not working. We help people (and practitioners) get more insight into the root causes of health issues, because that is the only way to properly move forward on a healing path.


WE act with integrity and transparency

Our Standard of Care is compassion. We treat our patients with the utmost respect and care.




We see you as the whole “system” you are

You are – body, mind, and spirit. Our advanced, Quest9/Eductor, FDA-cleared medical devices look at thousands of health variables in minutes, providing a wide spectrum, in-depth look “under the hood.”



WE are board-certified biofeedback practitioners working with very advanced technology, to help clients (and health professionals) better understand the ROOT causes of health issues. As a therapy, biofeedback helps rebalance “all of you” – so you can live a happier and healthier life.

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If an office visit is not convenient, we also offer biofeedback SCANS and SESSIONS using telemedicine and Zoom.

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