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About Us

ABOUT JIM GRAPEK, MMH, CBP, and Founder of The Pavilion

Passionate About Helping People Live Happier, Healthier, and More Meaningful Lives

Jim Grapek began his biofeedback journey as an award-winning writer/producer of health-related programs (and featured on the Discovery Channel). After producing some marketing materials on these devices, Jim was so impressed that he went on to become a board-certified Biofeedback practitioner in 2015 through BANHS – the Board of Advanced Natural Health Services. (www.banhs.org) Since then, Jim has combined biofeedback, BioGeometry, and a bit of German New Medicine to help his own clients, as well as patients at DC-based National Integrated Health Associates, a large integrative health practice he was associated with.

Jim is also founder of The Pavilion, a healthy and conscious living start-
up. The Pavilion is an EPCOT-like, 21 st century community hub that will
deliver the best that science, next-generation medicine, and humanity
have to offer – to enable people to live happier, healthier, and more
meaningful lives.


Biofeedback shows us how dynamic and interconnected we are.  I’ve traced heart and organ issues to root canal infections, which dentists have confirmed.”

Believe everything happens for a reason.


ABOUT Darius Garcia, BSN, RN, CLNC, MSCC, CNLCP – Nurse, Life Care Planner, Biofeedback Practitioner

A dedicated healer (and horse whisperer) of the highest integrity

Darius is a Biofeedback Practitioner with over 30 years’ of nursing experience, including 21-years of case management experience in the New Mexico area, and 10-years of Life Care Planning experience in TX, CO, MT, AZ, and NM.

Darius, with a BSN, is a registered nurse with experience in Acute Care Nursing, Intensive Care Nursing, Hospital Case Management, and Worker Compensation Case Management. She also has experience in Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, Medicare Set-Aside Allocating, Liability Reviews, Biofeedback, and Herbal Medicine.

Darius is a dedicated, loyal, responsible, and “salt-of-the-earth” woman of the highest integrity. She puts her best in her work and takes pride and ownership of her assessments, assignments, and treatment knowledge. She is an effective communicator as well as a good listener.

Darius has extensive experience with CAT cases, including TBI, SCI, amputations, burns, and many medical conditions, including orthopedic injuries and chronic pain conditions. This experience has allowed her to help many people in the biofeedback world — improving their health and quality of life with the use of biofeedback and natural medicine.

An equestrian and horse owner, Darius has been known, on occasion, to nurse animals back to health – using biofeedback, and by supplementing their diets with needed minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

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