Biofeedback Frequencies

Supports and balances your vital energy flows and health… which is why China bought over 2,000 of these biofeedback devices for their hospitals.


Why Use Biofeedback for Optimal Health?

Biofeedback deals with the root causes of disease. Most of us don’t realize that it’s our energy fields which govern our physical biochemical body functions, and we need to be properly supporting them.


How Biofeedback Works

Our biofeedback devices have been programmed with the resonant energy signatures to reset your body to its optimal health.

About Educator Biofeedback

What Disorders Benefit from Biofeedback?

Biofeedback uses are extensive. Often therapy treats the following health issues:

  • Uses include the detection and reduction of stress — from emotions, trauma, chemical toxins, heavy metals, fungus,bacteria, viruses, allergens, EMF radiation, pesticides and food additives.
  • These devices can also perform muscular re-training, pain reduction, help heal past or recent traumas and/or wounds, stabilize the heart, and clear addictions.

What Are These Devices Capable Of?

Some technical specifications include:

  • Stress reduction of all kinds
    Simple EEG (elecrocephalography) biofeedback brain wave stress reduction and balancing
  • Three-pole ECG (electrocardiography) heart biofeedback stress reduction (re-training heart muscles)
  • GSR (galvanic skin response) and TVEP (transcutaneous voltametric evoked potential) biofeedback
  • Microcurrent electro-nerval stimulation (MENS) for pain reduction and trauma and/or wound healing


Auto-Health Support (AHS) Sessions:  An inexpensive way to get health supporting frequencies sent to you weekly.

What is an Auto-Health Session?

An Auto-Health Session is a program we use to send the associated energy signature into your “bio-field” as the NIH calls it. Your energy field then recognizes this signature as those of the original, healthy energetic “programming” you were born with. Doing regular AHS sessions keeps “training” your bio-field toward optimal functioning.

Which Areas Are Worked on Each Month?

Hormone Balancing

Anti-Inflammation & Allergy Therapy

Auto Psychological Balancing (anxiety, addictions, negativity, etc.)

Sleep and Relaxation treatment

Circulation therapy

Auto Neurological Repair

Auto Digestive Therapy

Immune System Support

What Our Clients Say

I was suffering with grief a full 6-months after my husband died. A friend referred me to Jim for biofeedback. After the first session, I was laughing again for the first time. After 6 sessions, I was ready to move my life forward.

Tina N.


I decided I would try Biofeedback for my heart palpitations before seeing a cardiologist. I noticed improvement after my first session. After five sessions, the palpitations were completely gone. Thank you, Jim!

Joel S.


After a difficult breakup, I found myself having ‘performance’ issues with my new girlfriend. I heard about biofeedback and decided to give it a try.  The session was very relaxing. I probably slept through half of it. Did it work? That night my girlfriend and I had the best love-making since we began dating!

Andrew J.




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