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Ready to Approach Your Health in a SMARTER Way?  Get a fast and inexpensive “look under the hood” with our FDA registered medical device!


We use the EDUCTOR® and the QUEST 9® FDA registered biofeedback medical devices

We SCAN you for more than 12,000 health variables – including stressors such as bacteria, mold, fungus, viruses, heavy metals, and wireless radiation – while also looking at organ health, hormone and vitamin levels, and more. In a class of their own, these devices can also be used to help correct health issues by “retraining” the body and mind.


How The SCAN Works

 Our brain, our heart, our cells function with physical energy, that is, electricity. If your body gets disturbed, the body’s electrical activity is different from the optimum. The SCAN system analyzes the electrical patterns of your body and spots where they are out of balance — to help you and your doctor make better diagnoses.     


How We Scan You

Our regular scans are performed over a period of three (consecutive or non-consecutive) days and consolidated for accuracy.  They are done at a pre-arranged time, when the client can be alone and in a quiet, stress-free space.  Clients should have good hydration, be as free from perfumes and cosmetics as possible, and keep cell phones away from them.

Where We Scan Clients

Scans can be performed in-person, while connected to the device, or they can be performed remotely – with accurate results. This is because they use ‘standing’ or ‘scalar’ wave technology, which can locate and ‘read’ you no matter where you are. (Learn about how they work here.)  Still, there are certain procedures that need to be followed to ensure accuracy.  For legal reasons, your remote scan is free.  What you pay for is the follow-up report and consultation.


How We Interpret the SCANS

SCANS are reviewed by both Jim and Darius Garcia, a skilled cardiac nurse with 30+ years of clinical experience… and biofeedback expertise.


Did COV-19 VAX Affect You?

What Our Clients Say About Our SCANS

“The SCAN matched my SpectraCell lab work but was so much more in-depth. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you Darius and Jim!”

Ann A.


“Speaking as a nurse, the SCAN reports for my husband and I were in-depth and very helpful. It feels like we now have good roadmaps, or at least starting points, for improving our health.”

Jane D.




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